Best Effective Japanese Meal Plan For Weight Loss In 2 Weeks


Imagine a healthy diet that allows you to eat foods that will help you lose weight in a minimum of two weeks.

If you want to lose weight, benefit from your diet, and look healthier and leaner, you are now reading the right diet plan. It’s a Japanese meal plan for weight loss, but can anyone stick to that great diet?

The Most Important Thing To Do With A Japanese Diet Plan ????

If you want to follow the Japanese diet plan, there are several rules that you need to follow for this diet to be successful, where we mention the following:

The importance of breakfast

Breakfast, where Japanese people attach importance to breakfast, typically includes cooked rice served with miso soup, tofu and omelet, and a grilled fish dish.

These nutrients are enough to keep you energized and make a great start to the day. You’ll feel better, and such food doesn’t add weight to your body in the least. It promotes metabolism in the body. Do not worry! You will not gain weight, and even if you are overweight, it will progressively decrease.

Low in sugar. 

There are a couple of excellent reasons. The first is their consumption of low amounts of sugar, where the Japanese consume only 20 kg of sugar per year against 71 kg per year in the USA.


A further factor is that the Japanese consume large quantities of rice and cereals in general, as the amount of grain consumed annually exceeds 105 kg per person per year. In comparison to 68 kg per person in the United States.

Variety in the Japanese diet.

Japanese nutritional recommendations suggest that Japanese people eat on average about thirty Various foods a day.

The Japanese people get their protein primarily from fish high in omega-3 fatty acids

and only rarely eat the meat that Americans consume in such huge quantities.

Also, rather than sugary beverages full of empty calories, people of Japan drink mostly antioxidant-rich tea.

The Japanese place a premium on getting to bed and awakening at prescribed times.

Also on eating meals at an equivalent time every day, both routines will help regulate metabolism and stop overeating.

And while their diet comprises a wide range from vegetables and fruit all year long. They generally only eat seasonal food.

They also enjoy dessert far less frequently and in much smaller quantities than we do. Rather than cookies or frozen desserts, the Japanese generally end their meals with fresh fruit.

One of Japan’s eating habits is to cook lightly. Eating with sticks also makes it possible to eat regularly and concentrate on eating small bites, which facilitates the swallowing process and therefore does not sense fullness or blocking after eating.

It contributes to digestion, which can be an undeniable fact.

Lose weight – fast and be healthy in this Japanese plan! ????

This famous diet is we done in 13 days. For 13 days, you exclude sugar, salt, alcohol, floury, and confectionery products and drink not limited water. All of your diets are going to be strictly fixed by meals. You’ll find the plan for the Japanese-style losing weight program below.

Here is the diet plan to help you lose weight in two weeks.

????Japanese meal plan for weight loss – Plan Day 1

Breakfast: A cup of coffee without sugar.


Lunch: Prepare a fresh Coleslaw salad and add one tablespoon of vegetable oil, one fresh tomato, two boiled eggs, and a cup of lemon juice.

Dinner: For your first dinner, Boiled or cooked fish (200 g) with a fresh Coleslaw salad with unflavoured vegetable oil.

????Japanese meal plan for weight loss – Plan Day 2

Breakfast: a cup of coffee without sugar


Lunch: Your meal for lunch is a fresh Coleslaw salad with a tablespoon of vegetable oil, and the main course will be either cooked or fried fish.

Dinner: Dinner for the second day will be cooked meat (200 grams) plus a cup of low-fat organic yogurt.

????Japanese meal plan for weight loss – Plan Day 3

Breakfast: a cup of sugarless coffee.

Lunch: Boil the carrots (two or more carrots) and add one tablespoon of seed oil plus one raw egg.

Dinner: Eat a single apple or two.

????Japanese meal plan for weight loss – Plan Day 4

Breakfast: sugarless coffee.

Lunch: The parsley root is fried or boiled in vegetable oil (you may use the parsley root) with some apple.

Dinner: Day 4 dinner is a fresh Coleslaw salad with one tablespoon of seed oil plus boiled beef (200 g).

????Japanese meal plan for weight loss – Plan Day 5

Breakfast: lemon juice and carrot.

Lunch: fried or Cooked (500g) with one cup of tomato carrot juice.

Dinner: coleslaw salad with some vegetable oil and fish fried or cooked (250 g).

????Japanese meal plan for weight loss – Plan Day 6

Breakfast: A cup of coffee without sugar.

Lunch: A platter ​of fresh cabbage salad mixed with vegetable oil (or carrot salad) plus boiled chicken strips (500 g)

Dinner:  Two boiled eggs with carrot salad with vegetable oil.

???? Japanese meal plan for weight loss – Plan Day 7

Breakfast: a cup of tea without sugar.

Lunch: 200 grams of boiled meat, with a plate of fruit.

Dinner: Whatever you want from the menus of the preceding days, except for day three’s plan.

Repeat the above Japanese meal plan for weight loss for the next seven days starting on day 1, and you’ll see the difference.

The information above can assist you to lose 5-10 kilo (10-20 pounds.), some people may achieve a loss of 20-30 kg (40-60 pounds) in 3-4 months.

It impresses a lot, but as we already know, weight loss is not difficult. However, the above diet remains difficult for some.

After stopping the diet program, the person gets back 30-50% of weight lost during the first year if he/she isn’t careful.

Quite that diets are hard to take care of and may cause ketosis, skin dryness, hair loss, and in 25% of cases developed cholelithiasis.

The Japanese meal plan for weight loss is a very excellent diet, which can help you lose 10 pounds fast.

This diet will speed up your metabolism within 13-days, But the most important thing is to stick to the diet plan for a couple of months or more, and you will see that change after just one week spent on this diet plan.

As you will see, the Japanese diet is excellent, and it is healthy and ideal for those who want to reduce and avoid illness.


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